What is Rugby?

Rugby is a sport that is played with fifteen players on a “side.” The ball-carrier may throw the ball laterally or behind him, but not forward. The player’s teammates can not block for him while he is running with the ball. Once a player is tackled to the ground, he must release the ball. Thereafter, his teammates “ruck” (push / wrestle) for possession of the ball. The ball can be kicked at any time. A “try” (touchdown) is scored when a player places the ball down in the opposing teams “try zone” (end zone). Play is continuous for two, 30- minute halves. Players wear little more than “boots” (cleats), socks, shorts, and a shirt during the match. Matches are played of fields 65yards wide x 100 yards long. “H” pattern goal posts are located in the front of the goal line and are used for penalty and conversion kicks

  1. Rugby Ohio
    1. Rugby Ohio and all its teams are members of USA Rugby
    2. Teams in the northeast league include: Amherst, Avon, St Edwards, St Ignatius, Mentor, Parma, Copely, Hudson, Highland, Mayfield, Lakewood, Brunswick, Revere, Strongsville, Shaker Hts, Avon, Coventry and Medina.
    3. Mentor Area Rugby Club is not affiliated with the mentor public school system. Players from other communities are WELCOME to participate.
  2. 2016 summer Olympics
    1. The 2016 summer Olympics held in Brazil will feature 7’s rugby competition.
  3. 16 to 18 yr old Rugby Ohio Player costs – $125.00
      1. USA rugby Liability insurance
      2. Rugby Ohio fees
      3. Referee fees
      4. Athletic trainers on game day
      5. Indoor training rental
      6. 1 pair of Rugby Shorts and socks
  4. 14 to 15 yr old Rugby Ohio Player costs – $60.00
      1. Registration and fee coverage are the same as “C” above
      2. Depending on the number of players multiple 14-15 year old teams will be formed.
  5. Pre-participation Physical examination
    1. Performed by an Medical expert / Physician are required
  6. Equipment
    1. Jerseys are owned by the club. If players want to order a jersey they may order through the coaches.
    2. Practice gear (shorts, shirt, jumpers) shall not have any metal parts. (i.e zippers, rivets, etc.)
    3. You will need football or soccer cleats (rubber preferred, no toe cleat) & mouth guard.
    4. Dress accordingly for outdoor practices.
  7. The Rugby Season – All age groups
    1. Official registration starts in February.
    2. Indoor practice start in march and are held at The Lakeland Community college Gymnasium.
    3. Outdoor Practices are Monday 6-8pm, Wednesday6-8pm, Saturday 1-3pm unless otherwise noted.
    4. Outdoor Starts: Feb 25
    5. Matches and tournaments will be listed on the Mentor Rugby website and face book page.
    6. All players and Parents are encouraged to join us on facebook search for Mentor rugby
    7. Players/Parents are responsible for all transportation needs.
  8. How to Register
    1. Go to Rugby Ohio
    2. Select: Registration
    3. Select: register now
    4. Complete the contact information.
    5. Select: parent code of conduct box
    6. Select: player code of conduct box
    7. Select: Add a player
    8. Complete personal information
      1. Team: Mentor High School Team – boys team
      2. 14-15 year olds register for: U16 mentor rugby team –boys team
    9. Complete medical info
    10. Select: understand box
    11. Select: Register with USA rugby box
    12. Select: Submit
    13. Pay by check or credit card
    14. Select: Submit

Good job!

Print out the waiver forms, have your parents sign them, bring to practice and give to coach Hummel.